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CAM3 is a powerful solution used in the industrial 3D measurement that supports portable detection equipment to collect measurement data at any location in your manufacturing environment. It can realize the dimensional control of parts and tooling and in the meanwhile can judge and avoid any problems in the process of manufacturing and assembly through a real-time measurement guidance and adjustment so that the quality of assembled items can be guaranteed.
3D Measurement Software 3D Measurement Software

Major Functions:

  • Measurement
    Calibrate all kinds of probes rapidly and easily with ability to graphically prompt for calibration programs.
    More than one reference coordinate system procedures allow users to freely establish reference coordinate system.
    Coordinate system and probe management
    Dimension measurement of basic and extended geometric elements
    GD&T measurement
    Mutual length and angle relation calculation
    Build/inspect mode can realize a real-time measurement, drive installation and assembly online.
  • Programming
    Record the steps of the component measurement procedure.
    Demonstrate the steps of the measurement procedure
    Integrated programming module
    Self-learning, online or offline programming functions which simplify repetitive work
  • Import/Export
    Import/Export the measurement points to a text file
    Export the measurement result to CAD
    Import CAD and alignment techniques including feature-based, reference point, surface point, etc.
  • Report
    General export format
    Text reports output, display and deviations analysis
    The report extension features include user-defined report pages, automatic reports generation, PDF format export, etc.
Combined with PMT®Arm, CAM3 perfectly matches with the hardware to offer users a seamless and easy measurement experience. No need of a lot training or expertise, the software allows users to obtain very accurate and comprehensive measurement results. This automatic measurement process can quickly complete the measurement task and capture actionable data without difficulty.

System Requirements:

  • Minimum Configuration
    CAD model files less than 50 MB
    CPU: Dual-Core CPU I5
    RAM: 4GB
    Graphics CARD: Professional hardware accelerated OpenGL graphics card with 1 GB video memory(e.g. NVDIA Quadro series CARDS)
    Operating system: 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 pro
    Input device: Double-button with wheel mouse
  • Recommended Configuration
    Cover a wide range of applications, including large CAD models use and complex parts inspection.
    CPU: Quad-core CPU
    RAM: 16GB
    Graphics CARD: NVDIA Quadro CARDS with 2 GB video memory
    Operating system: 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 pro
    Input device: Double-button with wheel mouse