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Application for Automotive Industry

To make sure the automobile performance and appearance, PMT 3D measuring technique will provide solution for automobile making and installation which is simple and accurate.

Portable coordinate measuring machine such as PMTARMS can be used for rapid prototype, analyze and test the vehicle.

PMT can provide all the 3D measuring technique solution for automotive inspections and modeling, for example, dimensional measurement, digital comparison, tool verification and etc.

Application for Automotive Industry

Challenges for Automotive Sheet Metal Parts Inspection

1. Choices for coordinate system establishment: Difficult when parts are curved, special shaped or distorted.

2. Fixation options:Hard to decide when parts with less thickness or poor rigidity.

3. Inspection methods: Contact or non-contact measurement


Use PMTARMS and Polyworks to measure automotive sheet metal parts very efficiently.

Inspection Methods for Parts:

①Second iteration for plane, line, point and surface point

Reason: Some parts have multi surfaces and many errors. Using second iteration can achieve the best accurate data and measurement repeatability.

②Fixed with hot melt adhesive

Reason: reduce the errors caused by external force and have no stress deformation

③Contact & non-contact measurement

Reason:The contact measurement can ensure a good accuracy of coordinate system while the Non-contact measurement can avoid the thin surface from being crushed because of its poor rigidity.

Application for Automotive Industry

Generate Report

As shown in Figure 2, we can clearly see the deviations between the test data and reference surface by colors. This application shows the importance of different measure methods.

Application for Automotive Industry

Engineering Machinery Measurement Solutions

It’s been a long time since human beings used lifting tools to replace physical labour. With the rapid development of engineering machinery, technical innovation and high quality have become the first choice in the global engineering machinery industry. The engineering machinery measurement solution can not only assist to improve the processing quality, but also improve the processing efficiency and reduce the cost through timely feedback of the processing results.

The typical six parts to be tested in the construction machinery industry are caterpillar chassis, hydraulic cylinder, transmission parts, molding structure parts, common structure parts, powertrain. Therefore, an appropriate measurement system is needed to meet the different needs for them because of different sizes, features, efficiency and even different sites. The latest measurement system ensures to start to work as soon as the machine is starting up which is quite fit for measuring and analyzing the features and shapes of engineering machinery parts in different sizes.

Engineering Machinery Measurement Solutions

In this picture, the engineer is measuring the important dimensions of the structural parts.

In the past, customers used traditional calipers or angle gauges to measure structural parts, which took a day and some special sizes were not accurate. Today, our measurement solution not only has reduced the time to one hour, but also has the ability to measure a large number of mounting holes on each component, as well as to analyze the data, which can’t be realized in the past.

Engineering Machinery Measurement Solutions

Application for Aerospace

Aerospace is always closely related to precision and high requirements, and is one of the most demanding industries in all fields. Using high precision portable measuring instrument and large space analysis software can solve the problem of precision controlling. Usually we use measuring arm, laser tracker, etc.

Application for Aerospace

Combined with powerful spatial analysis software, fast and accurate metrology system and high efficient on-site solutions, CAD/CAM solutions can be provided for various parts and it’s helpful for aerospace manufacturing.


As shown in the Figure is the inspection site of one production line where the measuring instrument and software are used for automatic lathes.

Application for Aerospace

Parts of the measurement report:

The distance between the center of the cup cone and the M1 guide rail center as follows (Unit: mm)


Nom X

Nom Z

Act X

Act Z



Master-3 and M1 Guide rail center







Master-4 and M1 Guide rail center end







Master-3 and Master-4







Application for Aerospace

Master-3 and two 4-holes Height difference









Perpendicularity analysis

Application for Aerospace

Surface analysis

Application for Aerospace

With years of experience, PMT can always guarantee efficiency and accuracy, provide customers with digital assembly and calibration solutions, as well as information for aviation design and production by real measuring data. Besides, PMT continuously improve production efficiency and automation of the aviation industry.

The Advantages of Measuring Arm

1.Portable, wide-used

2.High accuracy, various data collecting models

The Advantages of Measuring Software:

1.Strong analysis functionality on USMN network

2.Provide real-time alignment, optimization, analysis, report generation and automation function

3.Import CAD original model

4.Export database

Application for Hydropower Equipment

In today's energy industry, whether power plants, arrays of solar panels or hydropower plants, 3D information archiving and modeling are highly required for the factories ’design, construction and maintenance. To use and deliver electricity in a reliable and safe way is the responsibility of electricity generation, which makes precision and quality control especially important. PMT portable coordinate measuring machines can improve efficiency through parts detection, alignment inspection or completion report.


A mixed-flow turbine is made of casting material, weighing 230 tons and 8 meters in diameter. It owns the same electricity power as nuclear power plant which is deeply impressive. Although the turbine has enormous size and capacity, precision components are important parts of it. The efficiency entirely depends on the precision and location of blade. Besides, the quality control is the key. Any micro deformation of components would probably cause destructive influence because of the high speed 120r/m.

It’s a great challenge to control the machine more than 230 tons. Without the proper equipment, it’s impossible to complete the task because of the physical size. Besides, the deviation must be within a hundredth of a millimeter.

The biggest challenge is that, when we’re close to the parts, we can’t move it to a better place because of the limited space. In the past, we just measured the welding large part between the part and tooling because the object can’t be place on the measure table. Meanwhile, due to the different materials, the measure tools are simple and with no precision.


PMTARMS can guarantee the turbine quality. Most measurement points in turbine are hidden and difficult to measure, so we use the contact measuring equipment to solve the problem and the size or weight will no longer be the obstacle to measure.

Application for Hydropower Equipment

On site measurement


It’s impossible for the customers to measure the part with large-scale gauge accurately. PMT provides our customers with quality control as well as turbine installation. Operating in a limited spatial workspace will no longer be an obstacle.

It took one and a half days to measure the vanes of 100 tons with two engineers before. And now, only one engineer can finish the task within two hours. By comparison, the 3D measurement solution has greatly shortened the measuring period and improved precision with detailed inspection report.

Application for Hydropower Equipment

Export measurement data in general mathematical mode format based on customer’s requirements

Rolling System Inspection of Steel Production Line

Special steel is the most important steel in the machinery, automobile, military, chemical, electrical, shipping, transportation, railway and other emerging industries. It’s an important symbol to measure whether a country can become a steel powerful one. To ensure and improve the quality of strip steel is an important condition for an enterprise to remain invincible, survive and develop in the increasingly fierce market competition. The roll design, controlling and inspection are especially significant to product accurate, well-shaped and surface perfect steel. PMT will keep improving on the precision and make production line installation controlled by portable measuring instrument the best solution. The applied roller includes: deflector roller, ironing roller, uncoiler, coiler and track roller.

Rolling System Inspection of Steel Production Line

Measuring Project:

All the sizes of the new roller, including: overall length, body length and diameter; roll shaft neck length, taper and diameter; the length and diameter of the spindle noses parts; the concentricity of the roller body, spindle noses and cylinder.

Measuring the wear of the roller to confirm the quantity when repairs, including: body diameter, deviation and the concentricity.


We found several areas to improve the competitiveness of the company in the performance evaluation. One of the major challenges the quality department facing is the inspection of large components. Because of its huge size and weight, the inspection process is both labor-intensive and time-consuming. These parts were not only heavy and difficult to carry, but also hard to fix in a proper place. In addition, it costs more than two days to complete the task because we need to design the non-standard detector before the measurement.


Portable and precise measurement of large components, as well as the high quality control in the business places, PMT can satisfy all your needs.

One of the main advantages of PMT is the excellent portability. You can carry them anywhere, even outdoors. Now, no matter where the component is, it can be measured quickly and the risks of them are also reduced. In addition, the report is clear and illustrated for you to check.

Rolling System Inspection of Steel Production Line


As more and more companies and organizations use portable measuring instrument to increase efficiency, it is important to introduce this measurement technology into education. PMT will provide students with practical experience of 3D measurement systems which enhances competitive advantage when they work in the manufacturing industry or academic fields.

Researchers: PMT portable 3D measurement solution has become the new international measurement standard.

Teachers: PMT not only provides equipment and software for teachers to use, but also provides a complete set of courses and advanced training services.

Students: We learn, get training and job opportunities from PMT