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    Tom Tai
    Founder & General Manager, D. E.
    Prior to the foundation of PMT, Tom had an impressive career in Mahr and Faro leading product research, technical support, business development and other areas. With decades of experience in the research of measurement equipment and inspection services, he has gained abundant knowledge in dimensional measurement, engineering, industry resources and business management. He has also participated in several international research projects. He also got the titles of Leading Talent Corporation and Entrepreneurial Pioneer granted by the Chinese government.
    Hubery Zhao
    Vice President, D. E.
    Hubery previously served in Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute Of Jiangsu Province, the Head of the Research Department in Nanjing University of Science and Technology and other famous research institutions. He also holds important positions such as Secretary of National Technical standard Innovation Base (Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Safety), board member of Materials Research Letters(MRL), and Executive Director of Jiangsu Materials Engineering Research Society. He has also participated in plenty of national special projects in science and technology. As one of the core members in PMT, Hubery has led the R&D team to achieve important breakthroughs in key technologies of measurement arm.
    Johnny Huang
    Board Director, Product Manager&Mechanical Design and Development
    Johnny took lessons from Mr. Yang Liangdong, a well-known surveying expert in China. Prior to PMT, he served as R&D manager in several listed companies. He also worked as encoder technical consultant at Nanjing Observatory and successfully developed magnetic grid encoder. He has an abundant accumulation of knowledge in encoder, instrument, mechanical structure design, and mechanical part processing technology. With deep research on the structure and code disc concentricity adjusting of high accuracy encoder, Johnny has successfully applied the results to the measurement arm.
    Sean Wu
    Board Director, R&D Manager, M. E.
    Prior to PMT, Sean served as R&D manager in Guangzhou Lok SHUN CNC Equipment Ltd. and Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and successfully developed high speed, resolution grating scale used in CNC machine tools. He is proficient in various areas, including the development of encoding/decoding for angle encoders and grating scales, modeling, calibration and compensation algorithms of flexible measurement arm, design and calibration of 3D dimensional measurement sensors. He holds several patents for his inventions (one international patent, one U.S. patent, more than ten China’s patents), and has also participated in two major national special projects.
    Christian Taranti
    Christian Taranti
    President of the Institute of the Future, D. E.
    He is adept in precision algorithms and overall system architecture construction in precision instruments, microelectronics, aerospace and other fields. Prior to PMT, Christian studied high-precision intelligent algorithm in some large scientific research institutions in the United States and Europe. He leads PMT in pursuing the cutting-edge technologies, competing among peers in global battlefield, and fulfilling great demands worldwide. He is also committed to jointly forging a high tech innovation business that is in line with national strategy, able to make breakthroughs in core technologies in key areas and highly credible in the market.
    Susan Gu
    Board Director, Assistant to GM MBA, TEM-8
    Prior to joining PMT, Susan worked in a variety of roles including GM Assistant and administrator in many well-known global companies like Starwood and EF. She has mastery of setting corporate strategies and pushing forward the implementation. Susan also has incredible abilities in planning, communication, coordination, flexibility and problem-solving.
    Leila Dong
    Chief Financial Officer, B.Acy.
    Leila previously served in many roles including accountant, analyst, chief financial officer for Linde and other global companies. She is proficient in corporate financial management, data analysis, internal control, investment and financing and other fields. She has more than 10 years of financial experience in formulating accounting reports, company budgets according to business plan and management analysis reports, and improving the system of internal control.
    Elsa Yu
    Chief Human Resources Officer, BBM.
    Elsa previously worked as human resources supervisor in large listed companies such as ECOVACS. She has a good command of human resource management module and human resources control system. She has great insights into performance related pay plans, KPIs, and comprehensive HR management knowledge. She is also a perceptive observer, logical thinker, good negotiator, quick learner and thoughtful planner.
    Jessica Wei
    Director of Marketing, BDes
    Prior to PMT, Jessica worked in large design companies and had sole responsibility for the design of big projects for many famous enterprises including Huawei, CapitaLand, ICBC and Ascott. She has rich design experience and keeps exploring different styles. She is also incredibly good at developing new things through combining various ideas, corporate commercial concepts and traditional fields of industry so as to fully manifest corporate identity.