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7-Axis Measuring Arm

PMT ALPHA Series, one revolutionary measuring arms family, has established a new standard for Portable 3D Measurement technology. With decades of expertise, we committed to tailor a new generation of portable measurement equipment that provides excellent and unparalleled performance. It adopts the internal counterbalance system and equal-length arm design that is most suitable for on-site measurement, with simple and balanced structure, flexible operation, and bold innovation in details. With its outstanding measurement function, ALPHA ARM takes the portable measurement technology to a whole new level.


PMT ALPHA P 7-axis arm leads the way in portable measurement with its premium accuracy and best-in-class performance, continuing the tradition of delivering the best measurement consistency and reliability in any working environment. It adds an extra axis on the basis of 6-axis measuring arm in a bid to achieve a greater measuring range and can support scanning function.


PMT ALPHA M, the reference standard 7-axis arm is the best choice for companies seeking for a robust, reliable factory or shop-floor inspection solution with an excellent price/performance ratio. It adds an extra axis on the basis of 6-axis measuring arm in a bid to achieve a greater measuring range and can support scanning function.


PMT ALPHA EDU 7-Axis Measuring Arm is designed to provide optimized teaching methods and inspection solutions for colleges and factories at affordable prices. It adds an extra axis on the basis of 6-axis measuring arm in a bid to achieve a greater measuring range and can support scanning function.


1)On-line measurement: Unlike traditional methods, portable 3D measurement arm can be used in field measurement and performs an on-line dimensional inspection.

2)Design improvement: With its computer-aided inspection function, it can quickly identify deviations from the product with the original design so as to improve the design and crafts.

3)Rapid prototyping: Based on the existing products or partly using reverse method to achieve the design scheme.

4)Parts archiving: For those parts whose prototypes or drawings do not exist, we can archive them for future use.


1)On-site measurement: Without any special requirements for environments, it can be used on the shop floor to promptly detect product quality issues such as deformation, abrasion, etc. so as to reduce the rejection rate.

2)Complex workpiece inspection: In-progress inspection for different sizes of jigs and fixtures, tooling, platforms, automotive interior parts, pipe fittings, etc.

3)Online inspection: Different from traditional methods, PMT arm can achieve on-line or on-machine inspection with great flexibility and high performance at a great value in the course of production.


1)Production process optimization: Obtain data by fully inspecting products in-process to help make management decisions scientifically.

2)Risk control: Through inspecting products directly on or at the machine producing them which helps to detect issues like deformation, abrasion, and mould and production crafts can be adjusted timely to reduce the risk of defective subsequent assembly or other defects.


1)Quality inspection: With growth of output, design alterations and new products launch, more and more measuring equipment is needed for quality assurance.

2)Thanks to its computer-aided inspection function, the new measuring arm can quickly identify deviations from the product with the original design so as to improve the design, crafts and quality.

3)Rapid inspection: Comparing to traditional manual methods or CMM, it allows users to significantly speed up their measurement work and helps detect problems early to reduce the rejection rate.

4)Quality control for supporting parts: Finding out errors between suppliers or outsourcing products and the original design in time in order to clarify the responsibilities.

5)Reverse engineering: Nowadays with customers ever-increasing demands, traditional methods are unable to explore any new products, in which case we should never give up the pursuit of more refined and higher quality products. Therefore, considering a stable and long-term development, a new measurement technology is urgently needed to improve this situation.

Internal Counter Balancing and Perfect Equal Length Arm Design:

The Internal counter balancing feature can provide a comfortable and zero-stress usage

Its equal length design ensures a seamless measurement performance

Smart Communication Port:

Accessible with Wi-Fi, USB, etc.

Network can realize the management and monitoring function for more than one device in every corner of the company

Data Sync with more than one device capability makes PMT®Arm the ideal solution for larger workpiece measurement

Smart Sensor Technology:

Internal temperature sensors can allow the arm to feel and react to thermal variations and compensate for measurement errors

Continuously monitor the working environment to ensure an optimum measurement performance

Each joint is flexible to rotate, with overload sensors to avoid excessive external load

Better Stability Design:

The handle on the base guarantees a force equality

Extra-wide joint and impact resistance design give it more rigidity to protect the joints

Rugged base and more stable

Optimized Ergonomics:

Brand-new and comfortable handle

Good weight distribution and prominent improvement of balance ability

New handle design on the base makes arm travel much easier

Other Features:

Faster chuck upgrading and installation, no need for assembly ring

Ccompletely sealed high-precision optical sensor helps arm works longer and stable even under bad working conditions

Double batteries design promises an extra-long standby time

7-Axis Measuring Arm:

1. The ALPHA 7-Axis Measuring Arm provides three different grades of accuracy: P/M/EDU;

2. It offers six measuring products in different specifications with working volumes from 2.0 m to 4.5m;

3. All accuracy is certified to ISO 10360-12 standards;

4. It is compatible with different third-party measurement software;

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