Folding Tripod

Applicable to all kinds of Laser Trackers and Arms (including 1500-01,1500-02)OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS:1.Unfold and adjust the three legs of tripod to the right angle.2.Adjust height of each lifting rod according to site requirements and lock them all.3.According to what internal spirit level displays, adjust lifting rods to keep the tripod standing horizontally on the ground.4.Install the equipment.OPERATION CAUTIONS:1.Make sure the tripod stands horizontally on the ground and no debris surrounded before use.2.Please switch off or detach the measuring equipment while adjusting lifting rods to prevent accuracy from being affected or damaged.3.Make sure to check whether the 4 locking devices are fastened up before installing equipment.4.Apply hot melt adhesive at bottom pads of the tripod to keep the stability of the tripod.Technical SpecificationMinimum Height730mmMovable Tolerance300kgOverall Height1200mmOperating Temperature-15℃-55℃Lifting Height470mmNet Weight18kg 

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